a key jammed deep

Days gray as the cold

frosts the windows,

so I use you to warm me,

for my body is not a home

until you’re inside,

knocking enjoyment,

banging out of control,

with us locked together–

a key jammed deep

in its perfect hole.


in bed you sleep as I creep

Disguised as a spider,

I creep into your house.

Multiple eyes and legs

Move about with stealth;

Motivation inspires speed

As I web my way upstairs

Where in bed you sleep.


Up the sheets onto pillow,

I crawl on your neck to lips

(Just for a second to pause

Feel your breath and sit

Upon your lip’s sweet kiss)

Then, on the move again,

Light, I inch my way down.


Your salty skin tastes

I intermittently take,

As I make haste to the place

Your smell is the very best;

I bounce onto your shaft,

And upon your sack I land,

Inhaling the intoxication

Of such a beautiful man!


Until you itch me off,

And I then begin again…

Dear Mmmm: the you in me (+18)

Beneath my dress there lives a spirit. Nightly it travels from my brain to my body and back again, wetting me awake each morning like I’ve just bathed. Do I still titillate you at night? Do you dream of me with delight that bubbles and tickles you to a stiffness, which you must relieve in the morning?

These dreams carry me to the shower, lathering my private parts…you know…the inside between my legs, envisioning you thrusting into me again and again, and just before your cum releases that moan you let go unlocks my heart’s door.

As I sit with my coffee, my fragmented dream comes back to me, and I realize that you represent the fun in me, the jovial, the experimental, the sexy-laughing side of me. In daily life sans your voice, lately, I don’t know how to connect to the you in me!

Trust me when I say that writing to you is NOT a choice! Dreams of you repeatedly trap me in bondage, hand-cuff me to the bed face down, you spanking me for being bad, and I can’t escape my restraints because you’re only in my head!